Positioning you for success: ESG in action

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Centre of Excellence is an ESG support hub of guidance, resources and tools for businesses in B.C. interested in learning more or that need assistance on their ESG journey.

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A Message from the Minister

Since 2017, our government has worked to make life better for people, and through the StrongerBC Economic Plan, we’re continuing to take action for you on the biggest challenges of our time through a clean and inclusive approach to growing B.C.’s economy. That’s why I’m proud to launch B.C.’s new ESG Centre of Excellence to help B.C. businesses navigate their ESG journey.

My thanks go out to the over 400 businesses, industry groups, government agencies, Indigenous organizations, academic institutions, and NGO’s that helped us gather the information we needed to help create the Centre and its resources. Working together, B.C. businesses will be able to grow while building a respected and trustworthy ESG brand that is recognized here at home and around the world.

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